Grant Opportunities

Avenue Computer is please to offer refurbished or donated equipment to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations as in-kind donations at no or very low cost to the organizations. We receive lots of computers and other technology equipment as recycling in our office locations, and some of the items are still in very good, servicable condition. When computers or equipment are available, we will refurbish them as much as possible, and make the specifications and quantity available for all to see here on this page. Please go to the link below to submit an application for any of the equipment listed here, or contact us for more information about what is available.

The items listed here are available "as-is", in the condition noted in the item's desciption box. While we are committed to providing high-value, quality equipment regardless of cost, our refurbished equipment is not guaranteed by Avenue Computer. Computers that are recycled through Avenue Computer are stripped of hard drives, and the drives are wiped clean to federal data security standards. Unfortunately, this process often renders the hard drive useless. Many of the computers herein listed are available without hard drives, and the price of a new, working drive is listed in each item's description box. Please understand that this price is the absolute lowest cost at which Avenue Computer can provide the service, and is only to recoup the costs of equipment and shipping incurred in sourcing new hard drives.

If your organization wants to purchase its own hard drive, or has extra drives available through another source, the equipment will be granted without a drive or operating system, so you can install your own. Systems with working hard drives have the operating system listed installed already, and all drivers installed and updated per manufacturers' recommendations. The operating system will be licensed, and is guaranteed to be genuine by Avenue Computer.

Optional upgrades are available through Avenue Computer's components & service divisions. Any special computer needs should be noted in the application, so that we can match parts to best serve as many submissions as possible.

Finally, please be aware that this list will be granted out and replaced with new stock on a monthly basis. A press release will be posted on our website, and through our email marketing system, when new stock has been updated and grantees have been notified. Stock is subject to availability and is not guaranteed to be replenished. Please apply as often as you like for updated stock.